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Best High School Pranks

Armed with wheelbarrows and truckloads of bricks, my senior class showed up at school at 2AM one Friday morning.  By about 4AM we had built a wall on the only driveway leading up to the school.  Once the early birds started showing up, we backed up traffic for 2 hours while the not-yet set bricks were removed by the maintenance crew.  I wish I had pictures!

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next week, a group of my friends are going to pull a prank in the cafeteria. the idea is to make a real life pacman game and the walkways will be the paths. they planned it as a tribute to Remi Gaillard, a french prankster known by the police well (not in a good way). check his pacman video out on youtube. you will get the idea.

i will post a movie when they pull the prank.

its gong to be sooooooooooooooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!! v(^_^)v

i love it... shaun !

can you post the remi gaillard vid you're referencing? i'd love to check it out

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