Forum Thread: Freak Someone Out!!

This article will show you a quick and easy way to freak someone out. Don't forget to subscribe!!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You Will Need :

  • A Piece of uncooked spaghetti

Step 2: Place Spaghetti

  1. Break a small piece off the piece of spaghetti (about 1 inch)
  1. Take the piece of spaghetti and place it in your mouth on your bottom back molar
  1. Gently bite down on the piece of spaghetti making sure not to break it

Step 3: Place Hands

  1. Place your right hand on the right side of your neck
  1. Place your left hand on the left side of your neck

Step 4: Crack Neck

  1. Move your head to the left or right with your hands in place making it seem like your cracking your neck
  • Bite down hard on the piece of spaghetti as you do this to create a cracking sound

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