Forum Thread: Prank People by Poking Their Butt With The Fingers

Kancho is a Japanese prank performed by clasping the hands together in the shape of an imaginary gun and attempting to poke an unsuspecting victim's anus, often while exclaiming "Kan-CHO!" As a joke.

Kancho is a traditional prank in Japan, where it occurs daily in elementary and often in junior high schools. Also about fifty percent of adults in Japan do Kancho from time to time.

If you're not intimately familiar with the Japanese tradition of "kancho-ing," consider yourself lucky. Getting "kancho-ed" is typically a rite of passage among English teachers and other foreigners interacting with younger kids in Japan. Though the fingers usually don't make it past the pants, it's still not a pleasant experience, and most would rather not think about it.

1 Choose a victim, preferably one who is distracted, and make your approach from behind.

2 Take careful aim. A misplaced Kancho could result in bent finger syndrome or worse. It also gives the victim a chance to retaliate as you will have lost the element of surprise.

3 Form the universal Kancho fist by putting your palms together, intertwining the fingers of your right and left hands, leaving the index fingers pointing straight out.

4 Align the index fingers pointing straight out with the anus of the victim.

5 Insert the fingers into the victim's anus hole; use force if necessary and Enjoy.

In certain countries, the act of kancho may be illegal and considered sexual harassment, or even sexual assault, although children doing it are given more leniency. While the practice is known in South Korea, there have been cases where adults performing it have been arrested. However, in Japan it is considered a childish prank rather than a criminal act. Perform Kancho at your own risk.

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