How To: Execute the Impossible Situp Prank

Execute the Impossible Situp Prank

Looking to sink a buddy into the bowels (teehee, wordplay) of locker room prank humiliation? Of the 100s of ways we like to punk our friends, this single act reigns as one of the most effective.


The tea-bag has been a symbol of machismo since the first bonobo slammed his privates in the face of a challenging male. What better way to humiliate a friend than challenging them to a strength test only to have their victorious face slammed into your sweaty genitals.


Does inhaling intensely and being blindfolded decrease your abdominal strength? If you believe Mountain Dew makes you sterile and bee stings make your penis grow, anything's possible, right?

The Impossible Sit-Up is a first class locker room prank. It comes in two phases. First you have to setup the mark. Show him that under certain circumstances it is impossible to complete a single sit-up.

The whole prank is in fact a wager. The bet is can you do a sit-up while someone is holding you down with a towel and blindfolded.


Like in all fine scam, seeing is believing. Especially if it looks like a skeptic is turned into a believer right before your eyes.

This prank takes a three man team effort. One guy, the Faker, runs the prank while the other two fake fall for it. The first guy must be convincing. Acting skills are key. Struggle, grunt, yell out in agony and then act like you couldn't possibly be so weak. To exacerbate the possibility this guy really can't pull off the sit-up, make him the weakest dude in the bunch.

The Faker should give up and claim you're going to give it another shot, you just need a breather.


Pick out the guy in the crowd that drinks Muscle Milk, takes himself really seriously and preferably is an ignorant homophobe.

He must be hellbent on proving how huge his balls are and possibly is the reigning champ of most drinking and drinking related competition.

This is just the man to receive the ultimate tea bag.

He's just thinking about how much stronger he is than this room full of pussies. Give him the opportunity to flaunt his massive muscles.


While the mark wriggles under the towel exerting himself like a turtle on your toe, position your the Deliver guy squat style directly above his head. As his efforts climax, pull out the towel. His face should catapult directly into Delivery guy's mangrove.

The Mark gets a juicy face full of wobblies. Best served post-workout, with a bit of extra moisture for effect.

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