DMV Pull Prank: Woman Relocated to Worst Town Ever

Woman Relocated to Worst Town Ever

DMV Pull Prank: Woman Relocated to Worst Town Ever

"Renewing your driver's license can be a pain in the butt these days, but the task has caused quite a stir for one Florida woman.

Ashlee Lineberger of Englewood recently mailed in her $48 renewal fee for a new license and when she got her new state-issued ID back in the mail, she noticed that she was no longer from Englewood.

The license said she lived in "Eat Ass," Florida. We're still looking for it on the map.

"I only looked at it because I wondered what picture they would use," 31-year-old Lineberger said. "I thought I was a dreaming and I literally pinched myself. I was completely shocked."

Eat Ass, Florida.... is it really much worse than say Tampa?

Source: NBC Miami

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i can safely say Eat Ass, wherever it might be, is not worse than Tampa, FL.

Ok, first, DMV prank is funny as hell. Second, you can eat my ass cause Tampa, FL is the greatest city on Earth.

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