How To: Execute the Ultimate Fake Toothpaste Prank

Execute the Ultimate Fake Toothpaste Prank

Toothpaste....? Not quite.

Step 1: Swipe the Tube

While your friend is not home get a hold of their tube of toothpaste.

Step 2: Dump Contents

Empty out their toothpaste halfway.

Step 3: The Filler

Fill the rest of the tube with a substance of your choice. Chocolate pudding & peanut butter recommended. You don't want to get too gross.

Step 4: Conceal

Put a small bit of dab of toothpaste on top of the odd substance so that the tube appears to be filled entirely with toothpaste.

Step 5: Enjoy the Screams

Hear your friend scream as their toothbrush explodes with nasty goop!

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